Yucaipa Animal Placement Society (YAPS) is proud to announce the recipient of this year’s Volunteer of the Year award. Each year, this honor is awarded to an outstanding volunteer for their selfless commitment, dedication, and contribution to the homeless pets at YAPS. 


This year’s recipient is Yucaipa resident, Cyndee Pelton. 50 weeks a year, Cyndee generously gives of her time by coming out to YAPS to photograph the available pets. She loads her car with props and photography equipment and aims to take photographs that help people make a connection with the pets.


Cyndee has been taking photos for YAPS since 2010. Cyndee likes working with animal loving volunteers and hearing the stories people have about their pets. The photographs tell so much more than words can about the precious animals at YAPS. These pictures are often the start of an animal finding their forever home.


Cyndee’s dedication to YAPS has helped countless dogs and cats get exposure via social media, our website and in the local papers. Cyndee’s beautiful photos have also been used to publicize YAPS through a billboard campaign, YAPS event flyers, YAPS videos, the YAPS calendar, and holiday cards. Many pets come in feeling scared and alone and some may have been in abusive or neglected situations before coming to the YAPS facility. Cyndee is patient and gentle, always tailoring her style to meet the needs of the pet. Her photographs have made the difference for thousands of pets over the years, helping them go from homeless to a cherished part of the family.