Yucaipa, CA – Yucaipa Animal Placement Society (YAPS) will be hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new cage free cattery at 1:00pm, 11937 13th Street in Yucaipa.


For the past several months, YAPS has been under construction adding a new cattery facility on the existing property. At about 800 square feet, this new facility will be about three times the size of the current cattery, and will increase feline capacity. Much like the current cattery, the new facility will not have any cages and will have larger enclosed outdoor “catios” for the cats to wander and lay about in. There will also be several windows to allow for natural light exposure, and the facility will be fully heated and air conditioned. There will also be more room for visitors and potential adopters to be able to sit and observe or interact with the cats in an environment that is comfortable for both. A larger capacity will also hopefully mean being able to find loving forever homes for that many more animals on a yearly basis. Over the past twelve months, YAPS has facilitated the adoption of 240 cats. With a larger cattery that can house more felines that number will rise.


The cattery is currently in the final phase of construction and YAPS is excited to be one of the only rescue facilities in the Inland Empire to have a cage free cattery.