When we met Cheeks, an 8-year-old Siamese, at a local shelter we didn’t intend on taking any cats that day. There was something special about her and we knew we could get her the exposure needed to find the right home.

A true Siamese, she quickly crowned herself “Queen of the Cattery.” We knew there was a purrfect home out there for her, but what we didn’t expect was that so many potential adopters would discriminate based on her age. Had Cheeks been a 1-year-old Siamese, she likely would have been adopted within days of coming to YAPS. It took 6 months for a family to come in and see beyond her age.

“Our intention was looking for another dog to adopt, but Cheeks and my daughter had different plans. As soon as we walked in, Cheeks went straight to my daughter and found her human. They’ve been attached ever since. We weren’t sure what adopting an older animal was going to be like, but we are truly blessed,” said Cheeks’ new mom. One of their favorite things about Cheeks is that she likes to binge watch their favorite programs with them.