January 2022 Temporary Operating Policies:

We have adorable puppies, gorgeous dogs and irresistible felines waiting for you to be their Forever!

YAPS is open on a first come first served basis. YAPS is currently open for adoptions on Friday and Saturday from 12pm to 4pm. Potential adopters will line up outdoors and we can allow one cat meeting and two dog meetings to take place at a time. All adoption paperwork will be handled outdoors. We apologize for the inconvenience. This has changed due to the rise in positive COVID cases. We are a small staff and the pets need us to be healthy, so that we can care for them. We also want to keep all of you healthy and COVID free. We are hopeful that this process will allow time for more adoption meetings than being open by appointment.

We are offering appointments for surrenders, vaccines and vouchers Wednesday through Friday.

For Adoptions: We require that you bring in your dog(s) to meet canine adoption candidates. Pets cannot be placed on hold. If you are renting, we must have landlord approval before we can complete an adoption. An “Adoption Inquiry Form” must be completed before you can meet pets. Puppies are available through the Foster-to-Adopt Program. Details can be found here: https://yaps.org/adopt-a-pet/.