This fabulous feline spent 1 year and 4 months under YAPS’ care. She had a few wonderful fosters that helped care for her during that time. She also spent much of her time in the YAPS cage free cattery.


Kit Kat first came to YAPS in 2019 during “kitten season” with a litter of kittens. Her babies found homes but Kit Kat remained at YAPS waiting and waiting and waiting for the right person to sweep her off her paws.


People are always attracted to the kittens and the adult cats often take time to find a home. It’s always exciting to have an adult cat find their Forever Family.


Kit Kat’s new family adopted a shy cat named Zorro from YAPS at the beginning of 2020. They met Kit Kat at that time and she stayed on their heart’s. They called in to check on Kit Kat and read her posts on social media. They couldn’t stop thinking about her and how long she has been at YAPS. They made a decision to come in and see her again. They took her home but needed to make sure that she would be accepted by the family cats. It was a rough start but they hung in there and now everyone is content!


Here’s what Kit Kat’s mom has to say:

“All is going well over here. Zorro loves having a “new” friend keep him busy. My morning usually starts with these two tag teaming me for wet food. Then an hour of chase. Zorro engages her to play by meowing for her. KitKat is just as you described. She is a sit next to you kitty. She does this funny thing the internet calls “splooting”, where she stretches out with her legs behind her. I am pretty sure this tiny little thing is the dominant cat out of our 3.”