Marigold has made her new home her castle. This queen of cattitude was the ruler of cattery while at YAPS. She came to YAPS after having a litter of kittens and found herself homeless. Now, her last litter of kittens have been adopted and she has sworn off boys. She meet her new family and quickly moved into the house and their hearts.


Here’s what her new mom has to say about Marigold:

“Marigold continues to thrive. We are utterly smitten. And she has gained a fan following on our Facebook posts. She likes to nap in dark cool quiet places and sleep in bed with us at night. She’s really mellowed out, likes to cuddle with us on the couch, and is learning to enjoy long petting sessions. She loves her homemade cat food, especially smashed boiled chicken livers.

She is learning that she should not use the sofa as a scratching post or to jump up on the kitchen counter or table. This is going to take a while to sink in. She’s super playful and confident. Her tale points straight up in the air most of the time. She continues to explore and is getting used to the sounds of her new home. We enjoy her so much. She’s been a good fit for us. Thank you for helping us to connect.”