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Renovations and Updates

Our Feline Facilities

For the past several months, YAPS has been under construction adding a new cattery facility on the existing property. At about 800 square feet, this new facility will be about three times the size of the current cattery, and will increase feline capacity. Much like the current cattery, the new facility will not have any cages and will have larger enclosed outdoor “catios” for the cats to wander and lay about in. There will also be several windows to allow for natural light exposure, and the facility will be fully heated and air conditioned. There will also be more room for visitors and potential adopters to be able to sit and observe or interact with the cats in an environment that is comfortable for both. A larger capacity will also hopefully mean being able to find loving forever homes for that many more animals on a yearly basis. Over the past twelve months, YAPS has facilitated the adoption of 240 cats. With a larger cattery that can house more felines that number will rise.

The cattery is currently in the final phase of construction and YAPS is excited to be one of the only rescue facilities in the Inland Empire to have a cage free cattery.

Keep on Improving

Renovations Resume at YAPS

When we started construction on the Canine Holding Area in 2019, we had no idea that the project would be put on hold due to a world-wide pandemic. We saved the donations received towards the purchase of new kennels in a separate bank account until we were ready to begin construction again. We have been successful at purchasing and installing an equestrian arena roof that is 35’ wide by 90’ long. We are now ready to start construction once again.


We had planned for this area to be the Canine Holding Area for dogs that are awaiting health screenings and medical procedures before they are placed up for adoption. In late December 2020, it was announced that YAPS would be the recipient of a $50,000.00 grant designated for kennel construction from the City of Yucaipa. We are planning to further renovations and make this the new adoptable kennel area.

The new goal is to install a level concrete pad the length of the overhead structure which will include proper drainage and individual curbed 5’x9’ sections for 18 kennels. The City of Yucaipa released the grant funding to YAPS at the end of May 2021. Construction on this project is scheduled to resume by Fall of 2021.

Once the concrete slab is poured and utilities are installed, new kennels will be purchased and we can start using the area. Placards will be attached to each kennel which will identify the donors that have made this project possible. This will remain a work in progress as we need to raise funds to enclose the structure which we will become adoptable kennels.

Once the area is enclosed, then the current adoptable kennels will be used as the holding kennels. We are currently accepting donations to fund this project.  If you would like more information, please call or email YAPS.

Save a Life

Why Adopt?

How does YAPS get its animals for adoption?

Our animals come from two different sources. First, we take animals whose current owners can no longer care for them for a variety of reasons including finances, time constraints, health issues, or relocation. Finally, we transfer animals from municipal shelters throughout the region to relieve overcrowding and save the animals from the possibility of euthanasia.

What types of animals does YAPS adopt?

We adopt out a variety of breeds of dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.

How long does YAPS keep its animals at the facility?

We are a no kill facility, we keep the dogs and cats admitted into our program until they are adopted as long as they are physically and mentally well.

How does the adoption process work?

Our animals can be viewed either on our website under the adoptions tab, in person at our facility located at 11937 13th Street in Yucaipa, or you can call us for more information. If you choose to come and visit, feel free to wander through the kennels and cattery. If you find an animal that you like, please come to the office for more information. After that we ask that you fill out a questionnaire which will be reviewed by our staff, and you will have the opportunity to interact with the animal and learn more about its history and background. If after the meet and greet you decide that you would like to adopt the animal and our experience leads us to believe that it is a good fit, you can pay the adoption fee and begin life with your new best friend.