Sometimes things just don’t go right in your life. Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair. Sally found herself surrendered to YAPS because a new human baby was severely allergic to dogs. Sally wondered how she was going to live the rest of her life without the love she once knew.

Meanwhile, a woman had reached out to Team YAPS because she had recently faced a difficult loss herself and felt like something was just missing in her life. Although she works in Marina Del Rey and lives in Santa Monica, her roots go back to Yucaipa, where she was born and raised and knew YAPS could help.


She said she needed a dog that she could share her home, her bed and her lap with; a dog she could truly love. She said she needed a companion that could be by her side day and night. We knew just the dog for her – Sally!!


Sally, who had previously been timid and unsure about new people, immediately accepted this woman. We could see the bond forming between them right before our eyes. It was like the stars aligned and YAPS knew this was destiny.


Sally has been enjoying her new life as a “beach girl”, learning to paddle board and soaking up the California sun.