Tails of Success


Hopefully the pictures come through. We adopted her at the Chamber of Commerce event in Redlands on 5/30 and she is dong very well. We have changed her name to Gigi. Leslie


I adopted Chloe from YAPS 3 at the end of May. She is the sweetest, most loveable, & intelligent dog ever. Adopting her was the best decision ever.


Hi Everybody, Just a quick update and a few pictures of how Sprout is doing! He is fitting in perfectly with the family. He is starting to come out of his shy mode and eating better. We have been taking advantage of the warm weather and going for long beach walks. He...


Doris Day, now Kelly, came to visit with her new owner Jinny. Straight from the groomers, they came by to show off her new hairdo. Jinny absolutely loves Kelly, she states that she is the best of dogs.


We adopted Gracie a couple months back. She is so adorable, we are very much in love with her & wanted to share some pictures with you guys — thanks! Love, the Padillas

Sir Winston

We named Tramp Sir Winston....Winston for short! He is getting use to us! We showed him around the house and the back yard. He LOVES his toys! They are rope toys. My husband throws it and he gets it and takes it into the bedroom where he slept! Thank you so much! I...


Here's the new guy ! Boy am I in love with him !!!! I have never met a sweeter soul, he literally brought me to tears this morning because I could not get over how sweet and affectionate he is ! He was a bit quiet in the shelter, but he did greet me when I came in...


We adopted Hoss about 8 weeks ago or so, and we couldn't be happier! He is a such a wonderful friend to have around the house, it makes coming home from work that much more satisfying! We've taken him out more than a few times, and people are amazed that such a well...


  I thought you would enjoy seeing one of your pups enjoying life. Julie Bearie selected him for us. We've named him Riley (he was known as Maverick at YAPS). He is a wonderful pup and enjoys his doggie brother and home. He’s had a hair trim since he left YAPS....


Our family would like to thank everyone at YAPS for all their help in the adoption of our newest family member, Bailey ...or as we know him, Trooper. He is just the greatest and has fit in with our family wonderfully. Thank you again for all your hard work and kind...


Olivia is happy in her new home. She loves to go to the doggie park in Palm Springs and play with the other dogs. She will also retrieve tennis balls tirelessly. Olivia is a smart and very sweet dog.


Phoebe is doing great! She is the love of our life! Phoebe and her two cat brothers are the three musketeers! They have the most incredible bond and she has brought so much spunk into our home, since the boys are elderly! Actually, Tito (the black cat) has severe...


Well, it's been about 8 months since we adopted Mickey Mantle (We just call him Mickey), and I can't imagine not having him in our life. I had no idea what kind of dog Mickey was or anything about his history when we adopted him, so it's been really fun for my husband...

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