Our last newsletter showcased available dog, Teddy Theodore Houndsworth. Teddy was surrendered to YAPS after a broom handle was shoved into his eye by a neighbor. The eye became permanently damaged and Teddy lost faith in humans. He was traumatized and his human mom felt it was best to relocate Teddy for his own safety.


Teddy was not comfortable around people when he arrived at YAPS. He was selective about the people he would allow near him. This hound has a solid intuition and if you so much as have a single negative thought, he will not trust you. He will only allow loyal, positive people around him.


Teddy spent a few months in a foster home and when he returned to YAPS he seemed ready to move on. While in foster, Teddy learned to be a little more accepting of people. He was doing so well that we resumed adoption meetings. However, once he entered a new home he had some trouble adapting. He made a few trips out of YAPS for possible adoptions but they didn’t stick.


We continued to field adoption inquiries and at the end of 2020, a young couple reached out about adopting Teddy. We gave them the full history on Teddy and they remained interested in meeting him. He went home with them on a foster assignment and they made the decision to be Teddy’s Forever Family.


Teddy’s dad, Ian, sent in the following update, “I serve in the Navy and Teddy has helped me grow so much, especially when I’ve had a long day at work. I come home to him greeting me with happy tail wags and big barks. My wife works as an aide to an elderly woman and Teddy gets to go to work with her. Her client and Teddy became friends quickly. We love just sitting on the couch with him and cuddling; it’s the biggest stress reliever for both of us. Teddy has truly changed our lives for the better and we will continue to grow with him and cherish him as a child, best friend, and pet. Teddy has made us see how sometimes aggressive dogs are terribly misunderstood and can still be saved. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give a Teddy a better life.”