Yucaipa, CA — Yucaipa Animal Placement Society (YAPS) has been gifted a truck from the East Valley Water District in Highland. For many years we have had to use our personal vehicles for transporting pets, hauling items to events and all other YAPS projects. We are so grateful. Now, YAPS has a truck!


The District created this program a few years ago as a way to assist local organizations with their mission of serving the community. The program is open to local non-profit organizations that submit an application and proper documentation. In determining what organization receives a donated vehicle, priority is given to organizations on the basis of how likely the donation of surplus property will benefit the community.


“This District’s Surplus Vehicle Donation Program strives to support local non-profit organizations with fulfilling their mission of serving the community by providing fully functional vehicles to organizations that provide valuable services. We are proud to present this donation to Yucaipa Animal Placement Society and be part of their mission of finding loving homes for the many dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens that are in need of a family.” – Patrick Milroy, East Valley Water District Operations Manager.

It will take a bit of paper work before we can use the truck but soon you will see the YAPS truck out and about.