This happy tail is special for the staff at YAPS because Ben is a very special dog. Ben the Cocker Spaniel was a badly neglected owner turn in. He had an ear infection so terrible that he was constantly dizzy and in pain. All of the effort of medication could not cure him. His only chance at a normal life was an expensive surgery to remove both of his ear canals. YAPS raised the $2,000 to get this life saving surgery, and then began the search for the right home for this now healthy, but hearing impaired four-legged friend.

Ben found his forever home in December of 2011. In the summer of 2013, Ben and his new owners paid the YAPS booth a visit at the Homeward Bound event. He is indeed a lucky and grateful dog. He loves his new family and never lets them out of his sight. A special thank you to anyone who contributed to the surgery fund.