A gentleman witnessed Minnie Pie being dumped from a car in a remote area with her canine sister. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing but when the car drove off the dogs were really left behind.

He tried to find the dogs a home but he turned to YAPS when he realized he needed help. Luckily we had a spot for the girls.


Minnie met a few people but was acting aloof in her meetings. We weren’t sure what was going on with her.


On the day this woman came to YAPS, Minnie’s world stopped. Minnie focused on the woman as if she was saying, “You look familiar to me. Do I know you from somewhere?”

The woman came to YAPS hoping to find just the right dog to be her companion. She had a wish list of personality traits she wanted in a dog. Now, Minnie didn’t quite fulfill that wish list but Minnie did do something that made an impression on her.


Minnie walked up to the woman and sat at attention right next to her. The woman took a step and so did Minnie. The woman held the leash and began walking. Minnie walked right alongside the woman and didn’t look back. Minnie stopped when the woman stopped. Minnie was focused on the woman and waited for the woman to guide her. Minnie found her person and did everything in her power to be the dog that the woman wanted.


They left YAPS together that day and have been enjoying daily walks, daily talks and the world is a better place now that they have each other.